Introducing a high-speed Internet Service that harnesses the power of the Amarillo Wireless 4G LTE Advanced Network to give you a lightning-fast Internet connection in your home

Advanced LTE Services for Amarillo, Canyon and Dumas Have Arrived!

LTE fixed Internet is Amarillo Wireless’ Residential and Business Internet Solution Bringing Reliable, High-speed Internet Service as an alternative to low data caps.

Have peace of mind with our LTE Internet Radio Replacement.

We cover the cost to replace the equipment in the case that it fails.

Please see our terms and conditions for all the details.

Even Faster Speeds

Fast internet access with average speeds of 5-20 Mbps download and 1-2 Mbps Upload

Connect More Devices

Wi-Fi Connectivity for more devices means

more people in your house can use the Internet

at the same time


Installation Information

All of our equipment has a one time installation fee, if something happens to your LTE we will come and swap it out with no charge to you

*LTE is a trademark of ETSI

Advanced LTE Services Pricing

Want More Upload?

For $10 More Per Month You Can Get Another 1 Mbps UP!

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